precise manual therapy that educates and activates your body

Aaron Brando, Nat’l Certified KMI Practitioner, ABMP Certified

FasciaPLAY combines Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Integrated Positional Therapy, Thai Massage, and Movement Education. The method is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal/muscle imbalances and pain. The techniques allow us to repair the layers of the connective tissue (fascia) in your body. This helps your body heal properly from injuries and restore range of motion. My goal is to balance relationships in the body’s myofascial and skeletal systems and guide people to optimal function.

I look forward to collaborating on a healing process and offering your body the potential of this profound work.

Brando is a nationally certified Structural Integration practitioner and is certified with the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. He has graduated from the advanced professional training in Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) with Thomas Myers, world-renowned anatomist, bodyworker, and author Anatomy Trains. Aaron has been immersed in athletics, dance, and physical practice since his childhood and has been formally training in movement, somatics, meditation, and bodywork modalities for 20 years. He participated in a two-year intensive yoga training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and is a certified yoga instructor. Aaron travels internationally teaching and performing improvisation dance. His videos can be seen on his youTube site.