My knee, my leg, my whole being is improving with clear increments of flexibility and a sense of roundedness and safety as I move into the painful places of resistance with confidence. I am feeling deep healing from your simple but profound method of conversing with my muscle, fascia, and bone with gentleness and confidence. Bless you!

 During my pregnancy, something started aching in my knees and it was constant even after the baby was born. After my first session with Brando working structurally on my legs and knees, the aching stopped. I was very surprised and delighted and have been back for more!

 Thank you for a masterful session. Even yesterday evening, as I was dancing in Hartford, my feet and ankles felt as if they were happier and enjoying more ease and mobility.

I had a great experience with fasciaPLAY and have experienced some lasting changes in some ongoing structural issues. The sessions themselves were gentle but deep at the same time. I felt that Brando was a sensitive, articulate and communicative practitioner. I appreciated him telling me what he was observing, what he was planning to do, and checking in frequently about my comfort level and sensation. After the sessions I felt “freer” especially in my hip and shoulder girdles, and felt as if I had more options for my movement patterns. One way that KMI was different for me was in it’s systematic attention to the fascia as a foundation for posture and alignment. The experience of this is really different than bodywork that considers the muscles, tendons or ligaments as discrete structures; I felt the “wholeness” of my body more after the sessions.

 My knee is improving profoundly. Your advice on walking and the image of flipper feet have given me pain-free days and good walks. I am feeling improvement rather than decay. Bravo!

Working with Brando was a wonderful opportunity to experience structural bodywork. In each of the sessions I felt distinct shifts in my body as the result of the work we did. After each session I could sense significant changes in my body, as well as a deeper awareness of the supportive structures that underpin my anatomy.

The interactive movements combined with the ‘pinning and stretching’ was something entirely new to me. There seemed to be very specific intent and reasons behind each batch of muscle work, vs. the usual blanket approach to whole muscle groups.  IT seems more informed than any ‘deep tissue’ massage I’ve ever had.

I really enjoyed working with Brando. He was very knowledgeable and had a really nice touch that was deep yet gentle.  He provided a safe and soothing environment and I would highly recommend his work.

I have been in pain for the last six months and this is the best I have felt – right now in this moment!

Unlike in a massage situation, I appreciated that I was asked to engage various muscles and movements during the course of the structural bodywork session. I definitely value the work and hope to engage with it further.


It informed me viscerally on where my discomfort and physical disharmony is. It provided an empowering experience with a deep and elusive pain pattern by getting to know it and seeing that I can reach it with someone’s help. It was really helpful to learn about it’s extended relationship with other parts of my body, experientially (as opposed to someone pointing it out in a book).  I learned a lot from the attention the different muscles strips received.